cinema cinema

The first song of "the tricolore project". blue album In 2015, speaker box launches "the tricolore (tricolor) project". Atsuko Mukai join us as a visual art designer. There are the boxes with the colors "blue, red, and white" which have their own world images, and our new songs will be released to suit with each color. For instance, the color image of blue is "silence", "night", "calmness", and things like that. The first track of this project is "cinema cinema". I hope you all enjoy. (You can download the song for free)

Ambient, Techno, YMO, HAS, Cornelius, Fennesz, Coldcut, "Yellow Magic Orchestra", "sketch show", "Haruomi Hosono", "Yukihiro Takahashi", "Ryuichi Sakamoto", "Aoki Takamasa", "Rei Harakami", "Towa Tei", "Alva Noto", "Rena Jones", "Gustavo Santaolalla", "DJ Shadow", "Brian Eno", "Aphex Twin", "The Orb", "芸能山城組(Geinoh Yamashiro-gumi)", "川井憲次(Kenji Kawai)" by speakerbox-tokyo