Erik Bruce - Spring 2015 Promo Mix

First mix of the year. A selection of tracks from teh last couple of months that have been doing the damage for me as well as a few soon to be released stormers, including one of my own unreleased tracks. Hope you enjoy, turn it up! TRACKLIST: Noble - Taste you again (Original Mix) [Wolf Trap] Cid Inc - Guardian (Nick Muir Remix) [Lost & Found] Stan Kolev & Matan Caspi - Better You (Original Mix) [Outta Limits] The Boy Who - Look Around [promo] Fendler - Road (Original mix) [System Recordings] Brian Cid - Sharp Objects (Original mix) [microcastle] Patrice Baumel & Rodnonjonson - The Tower (Original Mix) [My Favourite Robot] Alcatraz - Give me Luv (Nicole Moudaber remix) [Yoshitoshi] Citizen Kain & Boryana - Mania (Original Mix) [Recovery Tech] Stan Kolev & Matan Caspi - In Pursuit (Original Mix) [Outta Limits] Fendler - Become Whole (Original Mix) [System Recordings] Concealed Truth - Kraken (Original Mix) [Pata Pata Recordings] Erik Bruce - Shuffle (Original mix) [Bootleg Social Records] Ben Coda - Pulse (Original mix) [ LOT49] Breccia & Sebastian Markiewicz - Myth(Original Mix) [Bedrock Records] dubspeeka - Primary K293 [Drumcode] Erik Bruce - Alone in the Dark (Original mix) [Unreleased] Victor Ruiz - Serpens (Original mix) [WTF! Techno] Tilt - The Hurt (TILTs Back To Dark Dub) [Pro- B-Tech Records] Oscar Goldman - Thrust 2 (Lee Coombs remix) [Thrust Recordings] Matador IE - Play with me [Minus] The Boy Who - System Down [promo]

TTNT, Techno, Wolftrap, Fendler, microcastle, Alcatraz, [Yoshitoshi], Boryana, LOT49, Bedrock, dubspeeka, Drumcode, "Tech House", "Cid Inc", "Nick Muir", "Lost & Found", "Outta Limits", "The Boy Who", "System Recordings", "Brian Cid", "My Favourite Robot", "Nicole Moudaber", "Citizen Kain", "Recovery Tech", "Pata Pata Recordings", "Concealed Truth", "Bootleg Social", "Ben Coda" by Erik Bruce