I NEED RHYTHM PODCAST #007 Mixed By Charley Prince

Please read this discription before listening to this podcast. For all the beautiful, dancing, laughing, jumping, wild, happy, crazy, loving, celebrating, tipsy, unique, philosophical, artistic, emotional, free minded, easy going, rhythmic, alternative, spiritual, tree hugging, techno addict, music lover who are in search of euphoric, positive and spirit enhancing experience created by patterns and recurrence of sounds and harmonics. For people who are in a constant need for rhythm to achieve true ecstasy. Before listening to this podcast you should be aware of the possibility of side effects. There are some guidelines written below you are advised to follow. -First of all, the use of this Podcast is only allowed using a proper sound system or headphones. Otherwise, you will not experience any (positive) side effects. So, no laptop/phone speakers or the headphones that came free with your mp 3 device are allowed. -Listen from the beginning to the end and don't skip in search of the ’’good” tracks or the tracks that you know. Common side effects may include: uncontrollable head nodding, an urgent need to dance, facial muscle contraction resulting in an open smile, an extreme need to express happiness, and giving way to complete surrender to the music by losing conscience of the space and time. Listening to the piece at least once on a daily basis is recommended. Increase the ''dose'' if need. Furthermore, its use removes all the feelings of tiredness and thirst, thus, it is vital that you keep yourself hydrated especially if you dance non-stop. Try to drink around a pint of fluid an hour (not alcoholic) to replace fluids lost while dancing. In case you are unfamiliar with these harmonies and rhythmic elements, continue taking the recommended ''dose'' until the desired effect occurs. NOW just press the play button and enjoy the ride.

Techno, Tech-House, Ibiza, Amnesia, "I Need Rhythm", "I Need Rhtyhtm Podcast", "Best Techno", "Underground Techno" by Charley Prince ♛