PRO-BOY: Sample Tracker (mixed by dj madbeats)

2015 see's the 20th year since multi genre mid Devon producer PRO-BOY first started making music. Towards the end of last year me and him started discussing the idea of putting together a mixtape showcasing some of the fruits of his labours. With over 1000 tunes to choose from putting a playlist together was a lot harder than we first anticipated. On the menu for this one we've served up some of his finest Hip Hop, Glitch, Jungle, Electronica, Tech-House and Trip Hop produced between 2002 to 2014 TRACKLIST: Sample Tracker - Intro Lazy Slow Sunday (Pro-Boy) -vs- Got Em Sayin' (Athletic Mic League) Eva Cassidy (Pro-Boy) -vs- Bomb (Hieroglyphics) Smooth Boost (Pro-Boy) -vs- Kick Push (Lupe Fiasco) Also in Black (Pro-Boy) -vs- Vomit (Mf Doom) Ice Cream Man - Subway Edit (Pro-Boy) Bass Face (Pro-Boy) -vs- Bullet Train (Dilated Peoples) Flat Ace Head Case (Pro-Boy) -vs- Crooklyn Dodgers (Special Ed, Buckshot & Masta Ace) Maydays (Pro-Boy) Jungle Fever (Pro-Boy) Blunted Breaks (Pro-Boy) Grotty Little Man - SKIT (Pro-Boy) Heavy Nettle (Pro-Boy) Techno Tonight (Pro-Boy) Coke is Better - SKIT (Pro-Boy) Rockin Music (Pro-Boy) Harrybo Gut Rot - SKIT (Pro-Boy) Pure Jazzy Hop (Pro-Boy) Fat Beatings (Pro-Boy)

Trip-Hop, Jungle, Techno, Electronica, House, Mixtape, Breakbeat, UK by Pro Boy