Aldo Cadiz, Kareem Cali - Monita (Original Mix)

Our next big release at Bad Barbie, going out on digital and 12 inch, comes by the hand of Aldo Cadiz itself, but this time partnered with Kareem Cali. These two made a fantastic three track ep called Monita EP. The first track Monita presents a solid base created with a classic tech style and an extremely groovy bass line. Full of small arrangements and a crazy vocal line, this tracks its perfect for any club dj. The second track Bonita, is the one with the more old school vibe, from the bass line to the main acid synth, which goes evolving softly with a filter during the track to generate the needed tension. All this with a strong tech groove to follow the step of this solid ambience created by the acid synths. The last track Moni, also has many techno and acid elements presents. We can perceive the techno soul mainly on the arrangement of the hi-hats and bass line, but the acid synth in triplet at the backend is what generates the crazy vibe and almost hypnotic feeling during the track, playing around with the volume of it. Definitely a fantastic release to add to any collection. Support By: A++ "great tracks !!!" Aldo Cadiz "cool music, jijijijijijij" Alejandro Fernandez "Bonita is very hot" Alessio Collina "Bonita is a cool acid one, well done guys!" Alex AQ "Very nice EP. Moni is my favorite here!" Alex Costa "coooool ep ! will play" Alexis Cabrera "Bonita acidaaaaa <3" Anderson Noise "THANKS" Andre Butano "bomba !!! thanks" Anthony Pappa "It’s ok and l will use this as a filler. Thanks. Pappa." Ari El "Dope release full support thks" Barem "monita for me. thanks!" Dalbe "Nice work...Thx" Daniel Mehlhart "Big one" Danilo Vigorito "great!!" Darkrow "Downloading, nice ep, thanks" David Cabeza "Support by David Cabeza, thnx 4 the music!" David Herrero "Downloaded for David Herrero, thanks!" Deleted Draftz "Nice EP" Dj Fronter "Great ep !! thx for the promo" Eddy Romero "Monita is the one for me thanks !" Edgar De Ramon "Nice work Kareem & Aldo :)" Emil de Moreu "nice one" Erik Hagleton "nice release thx for the promo" Fabio Ferro "Nice ! Thank you !" Gel Abril "bonita is very cool tnx!" Giuseppe Rizzuto "Monita for me...thanks" Hermanez "full support !!" Hollen "nice tracks" Horatio "cool ep" Jonas Wahrlich "I like the uniqueness of Monita. Cool one!" Juan Zolbaran "monita is the one for me !" Kaiq "Full support! thanks" Luca Doobie "bonita:) L" Luca Fabiani "Thanks for the music." Luciano "Downloading for Luciano. Thanks for the music" Marco Carola "downloading for marco carola, thanks" Marco Latrach "Moni Original Mix is cool!! Thanks for the music !!" Massimo Cassini "Thanks.. sexy pack! will try.." Matteo Spedicati "nice pack! thx" Maximiljan "monita pushs things forward nicely, will try! thx" Nicky Malone "a really really good track! congrats!" Nino Santos "Bonita is strong! Will play thank you!" Nuria Ghia "Great sounds, thx for the music!!" Okain "Monita nice thx!" Paco Osuna "nice one" Re Us "Monita for me !!" Reboot "massive ep !" Richie Hawtin "downloaded for r hawtin" Rods Novaes "like it! thanks!" Ronan Portela "Really fresh and unpredictable tracks! will try soon, support thx!!" Sabb "nice will test" Sergio Parrado "Bonita ;)" Son Tec "Monita is strong! thanks for the music." Stacey Pullen "cool will try thanks" Steve Lawler "Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks." UGLH "Nice tracks thx" Wade "Monita is cool thanks w" Wender A. "Bonita is really hot! thks" White Brothers "nice ep, thx" Yvel & Tristan "Moni! Thanks!" Zoe Xenia "Monita for me thnx, wicked groove!" Thanks for your support!!

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