Bolivia - Episode 250 - Subterranean Homesick Grooves

Subterranean Homesick Grooves is a weekly EDM radio show & podcast produced by Jonathan Clark. SHG is officially licensed through SOCAN, Canada's regulatory agency, and is distributed both on terrestrial radio and also online through iTunes and as a direct download. For information on the show, visit one of the following links: Website: Blog: Track listings for this episode are as follows: 01. Rottom - I Need You (Original Mix). 02. Alan Fraze - Bits & Bytes (Original Mix). 03. Porter Rhodes & Nonnus - Changes (Original Mix). 04. Javier Perez - Den Groove (Andres Blows Remix). 05. Kim Sanz - Bring The Funk (Original Mix). 06. Markus Greg - What (Original Mix). 07. Scruby & Aron Chiarella - Sorry Bro (Original Mix). 08. Alex Zamm & Juanfra Munoz - La Manuela (Les Schmitz & Oliver Schmitz Remix). 09. Fhaken & Vizcarra - Pleasure (Original Mix). 10. Andy Lupoli - I Wanna Be President (Original Mix). 11. Juan Ddd - Basilisco (Original Mix). 12. George Privatti & Guille Placencia - Sudden (DJ Wady Remix). For more information about most of the artists presented in this episode, go to:

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