Canto V

Here it is, the moment I have been teasing for soo long. #ZombieFriedCorpses is here. You have witnessed the stories told separately, now experience them combined they way they were meant to be heard, The Vigilante, The #ALiEMInvaderz and I are pleased to present Canto V. Join The #InvaderzClan as we bring you the next chapter to ZombieFriedCorpses at #VortexMusicFestival Track Listing: Rabbit Hole - Kevin Swaagman New Horizons - The Vigilante Earth - The Invaderz Pharaohs of Orion - THe Vigilante Some Chords - Deadmau5 Dillon Francis (The Vigilante Remix) Fire - The Invaderz False Prophets - The Vigilante The Four Horseman - Kevin Swaagman Wake up - The Invaderz Featuring Agood and The Vigil of Light The Invaderz Have Landed - The Vigliante Fade - Holly Drummond (The Vigilante Remix) Wind - The Invaderz Couch Potatoes - The Invaderz Ascention - The Vigilante (The Invaderz Remix) Falling with style through the cosmos - The Vigilante The long Voyage ( The Vigil lives ) - Kevin Swaagman

ExperimentalStoryTelling, Edm, IndieDance, Techno, Trance, Dubstep, Bass, InvaderzClan, TheVigilante, ZombieFriedCorpses, Chapter1, CantoV, Indie, Ambient, RabbitHole, Wakeup, RedPill by The Vigilante