Chris Flowers - Hannes

The greatest present in your life are your friends. This Single is dedicated to all my friends, supporters and likers. It's especially dedicated to a great friend. You will be at every gig, in our hearts and in every upcoming track. Gaamb - Groovin' and ass moving bass! This song is a must on every dancefloor and will be an ass-kicker at the festival season 2015! Every guest, every partypeople, every PA will freak out. A very hard bridge. The vocal part is spoken by Medina Joy, Chris Flowers very best friend - love you! Hannes - that song is especially dedicated to a great friend of Chris Flowers. Hannes brought Techno to him. He always told us about the Loveparade and the Clubs and the Clublife. He always lived the spirit of Techno - Party On Hannes!

Ableton, klangtherapie, 2015 by Chris Flowers Official