CUBBO Podcast #079: Sepromatiq (SK)

This DJ and producer comes from the town Malacky /Slovakia/.He has been devoting himself to his own music production since his age of 15. He still looks for new ideas, which is finally heard in his new tracks. Except for techno he also devotes himself to the production of other styles of electronic music e.g. to house, progressive, chill-out and and last but not least to remixes. In 2006 he became one of the creators of the music programme - radioshow Freshtech on the radio AUDIONET, which mapped the techno scene not only in Slovakia. In November 2007 he got an offer from DJ Tronic, the owner of METROCLUB in Šala and so he became a resident of this club’s venue PULZAR. In autumn 2007 he released Grosse Katastrophe EP on the label ANIMASOLA which is owned by VIPER XXL. In 2009, he started to organize perties with Dj Hogar called DARKNESS. Thanks to their lineups it belongs to the best hardtechno parties in Slovakia. He performed in clubs and big festivals all over Europe and South America. In this time has over 30 vinyls releases on legendary labels Animasola, Cannibal Society, Combat Skill, Schubfaktor, Jason´s Mask etc., many digital releases on own label SMQ RECORDS and another good labels and CD compilations. In 2014 started with Boris S. new fresh Hardtechno project called BASSCAPS. Tracklist: Sepromatiq – City of Heroes Sepromatiq – Usala prusa Svetec – I Dont Like Your Robot Face Sepromatiq – Restart Golpe – Lemmon 71 Boris S. – 7 days /Sepromatiq remix/ Svetec – Daddy's Pussy Obi – Revolution starts now /Sepromatiq remix/ Slugos – Who killed Elisa Lam Sepromatiq – Bomb strike Svetec - Electric opera Sepromatiq – 5 seconds Sutura – When the angels take me /Sepromatiq remix/ Basscaps – 1:59 Nobody - No Place for Anger Sepromatiq & Waldhaus -Koloseus Follow Sepromatiq here:

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