Erdi Irmak - Pure In Spirit (Original Mix)

The 15th release on Nikko.Z's Dopamine Music sees the debut of one of Turkey's finest producers. Erdi Irmak has continued on a strong run through the first half of the year with appearances on Movement, Mistique, Balkan Connection, Lowbit and Bermudos. His new EP for Dopamine is entitled 'Rise' and it comes with a remix from Monster Of Density. Erdi's 'Rise' is a deep progressive journey that clocks in at over ten minutes. The tough, driving beats and waning harmonic tones are very strong through the first half of the record. The distinctive melancholy vibes carry the piece to the main break where things get stripped right down. The main melodic theme soon starts to take shape as a smooth line of harmonic rhythms weave their way through the misty backdrop. The tough beats then drop back in and power the piece to s smooth finish. The lone remix of 'Rise' comes from Monster of Density who are making their debut on Dopamine Music. The trio from Buenos Aires, Argentina began the Monster Of Density moniker in early 2011 and have since appeared on a large range of good labels including: Sound Avenue, Movement, Stereo Paradise, Bermudos, Crossfrontier Audio and Stripped Digital. Known for a cool blend of progressive house and techno Monster of Density continue to be a production outfit on the rise. For their 'Rise' interpretation Monster Of Density have added a more serene sounding vibe that is rich in atmosphere. The tough, driving aspect is kept well in tact but with a cool selection of spacey elements and hooky heavy synths it proves to be a worthy companion to the original. The second original 'Pure in Spirit' closes the release out with an amazing atmospheric vibe. It's one of Erdi's most heady sounding works to date. Sparkling pads, vibrant drums, delicate electronics and a shimmering hypnotic haze all meld together for a smooth flowing, enlivening journey. The swirling vortex peaks with the laser like lines filtering down and making their way through a tension filled build which has sure fire dance floor success written all over it. Mastered by Nikko.Z - Artwork by Design Studio - Text by Mitch Alexander - Distributed by Proton Music

by Dopamine Music