FREDERIK TEPE - Industrial Philharmonics Podcast XII. @ Art Style : Techno

Tracklist: 1. Torsten Kanzler - Bumm (Mike Maaß Remix) 2. Asparuh, Grozdanoff - NGR (Original Mix) 3. Deep Noiser - Mars (Björn Torwellen Remix) 4. Gabeen - Demonic Posession (Björn Torwellen Remix) 5. Marvin Erbe - Painkiller (Silvano Scarpetta Remix) 6. Disastar - Devil Rejects (Original Mix) 7. NoCure - Warmachine 8. Memnok, Dolgener - She´s Crazy (Yari Greco Remix) 9. Sven Schaller - World in Between (Luix Spectrum Remix) 10. Mike Maaß - Artillery (BrettHit Remix) 11. Luix Spectrum - Invidia (Re-Work Mix 2014) 12. Scizo - Brachial (Audiomotor Remix) 13. Kai Pattenberg - Dark Network (Björn Willing Remix) Biography: Frederik was born in 1996 in Neuss, a city in western Germany. Music was always one of his biggest passions. When he was 9 years old he began playing the saxophone which led him into the Big Band at school. A few years later he started a band with his best friend along with a professional musician. Two years ago his sister took him to a small techno party near his hometown Mutscheid, which gave him the first impression of electronic music. From that day on his love of electronic music began to get bigger and bigger and he started to get interested in that kind of music, what everybody was not listening to. He began to experiment with the sounds himself and soon bought his first controller. Days passed by where he was just locked in his room, the beat on maximal volume, not thinking about anything else. Nothing could ever be more exciting. After his first visit in the "Elektroküche", Cologne became his second home, at least on the weekends. Later on, Freddy started to play at private raves, recorded his first sets and founded his own eventseries. With the constant support of his best mates, who are also DJs, the events have a very strong and passionate management team. "The most facinating fact about techno is the athmosphere and the strenght that this music gives you.", so Frederik and Techno became one of the main parts in his life.

by Battle Audio Records