Multiplayer - We Came From 3015 (Multiplayer secret origins. Part I)

Os presentamos uno de los nuevos temas del repertorio de Multiplayer, como adelanto a las próximas novedades de la banda, las cuales pronto podrán seguir en su futura página oficial. Como personajes de ficción de toda buena historia, Multiplayer tiene un origen y en estos 3:41 minutos veremos el principio desde la perspectiva de Player 1 y su primer encuentro con los Elders que otorgan misión y poderes a nuestros héroes del multiverso. We came from 3015 (Multiplayer secret origins. Part I) All my family and my friends are dead, even all the people I knew… I woke up that morning and I yelled. Welcome to the future’s fucking end! The skies turned into nuclear green. Burned corpses were under my feet Am I dreaming or is it a lie..? I wonder how I can be alive Death was as far as the eye can see. But I was wrong, I’m not the only one I found them fighting against the mutants, they were avenging all the humans Suddenly a voice in my head spoke: “Join them in battle, this isn’t a joke”. I’m not sure of where the voice came from… - “Look at that guys, they look like gods! How can I help them and their purpose?”, -“Save the multiverse, come on, go”. An explosion took my arm away! I fell to the ground, I was dead. Then he talked to me again: “Wake up, my son, you aren’t undone” When I opened my eyes, I was reborn: “What kind of creature am I now?” New colors, flavors and odors, things I never felt before I realized I have a bionic arm… Let’s do it: kick’em in the ass! My partners are astonishing: a skilled mercenary and lord of war, A flying-telepath metahuman and a sort of techno-samurai. I don’t know how many time we fought, then the sky exploded showing lots of holes All I saw in comics and videogames… Now are as real as me and my mates “The multiverse is officially broken, the Elder ones have spoken: You four will time travel to the past, find the way to fix it and back”.

Thrash/death by Multiplayer