One night in B... part 4

Back 25 years ago, I remember the flashing red and blue neons over the bar, the laser reflecting in dozens of mirrors all over the place, the incredibly powerful sound system and this amazing sound where vast majority of the tracks were slow down even to 33.3 RPM + 8% , litteraly crushing the bass. Tracks have been selected throug a long journey of a crate digging exercise. Some are very rare, often not released on digital, all were released befored 1999. Tracks witness of the opendmindness of the DJs who were mixing new wave, electronics, EBM, futuristic rock, funk , early house and techno, and what was called as "New beat". This set is part of a wider project aiming to capture the essence of a wicked sunday night, somewhere near Gent, Belgium. tracks ID available unpon kind request ;) (Recorded on Allen&Heath Xone 62 and CDJ-1000 MK3, mastered on Mac) Just hoping you will appreciate as I did.

destelbergen, newbeat, acidhouse by numik