"its my birthday and im "rapping" equality gifts for all.": RESPECT PEACE, and JUSTICE is not just about the final destination of obtaining FREEDOM; it is about how you get there. P.S.A. Counselor Barnette here... I feel that we all have the opportunity to get to peace and justice through a R.A.C.E. (R.aising A.wareness of C.haracter) of Character. Through character: courage, expression, (talking, sanging, dialoguing) expressing feelings and difference with RESPECTFUL NONVIOLENCE. learn more: & So P.S.A. i dropped my sliding pay scale (well actually my pay scale as always been dropped: you know FREE: the gift of character is the gift that keeps giving") So I hope you enjoy my equality gift of RESPECT i am giving to everyone. I feel that freedom is priceless to feel and experience, yet there is a cost to obtain it: character education. I sang all of my "sweet hearts" to model how I feel we might get to PEACE, JUSTICE, FREEDOM. I chose to model : you know.. LIGHTS, CAMERA, TAKE ACTION: courage of expression..., i mean i guess i could have just said, hey, lets talk about it and sang about our feelings and difference, but ... naw.. i'm about those LIGHTS, CAMERAS, that taking ACTION and MODELING the courage and freedom I want to see. live, love, respect one another. im on to the next one.. you know.. freedom projects are on the way! stay tuned... have courage ... express.. i know how expression and courage can make one feel .. you can do it! courage: talk, sang, dialogue, just dance in love with being you. I am A.bsolutely D.etermined. B.elieve in YOU. YOU MATTER. -A.D.B.arnette

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