Plastikman/Gaiser - EXpand/Way Out - Ryan Davis Rework

When Plastikman´s - "Ex" was released i got drawn to the track EXpand of the Album. When i heard it for a couple of times i noticed that there could be added something more to it and some track directly popped up in my head that i, till that moment, actually wanted to use as an intro song for my sets. That way i ended up having Gaiser´s "Way Out" in Ableton together with EXpand. The work didn't proceeded that easy as i noticed there will be a lot of detailed things to take care of as i also wanted to keep the live vibe of Richie´s track. With a lot of fine tuning i ended up adding some rhythmic elements to it myself and the planned mash up became a complex rework. As there already was some remixes around "EX" released i thought it might be the right time to present what did came out of some hours of work to have my own unique version of those to tracks.

Plastikman, Gaiser, EX, EXpand, Rework, Techno, Acid, Club, Melodic, Mashup, "Way Out" by Ryan Davis