PLU VS LPC #001 - Chris Hirose

Hello and welcome to our first People Like Us vs Lehmann Club Special #001 - Chris Hirose! Chris Hirose is one of the most industrious and unrelenting Producers of Stuttgarts Electronic Music Scene. In his own words: "My creative process is both complex and simple. The complexities arise when I to understand it. It's like trying to describe the sensation of feelings; one is better suited just experiencing it for oneself. But it becomes simple when I let go and surrender to it." Chris is going to release his Ectoplasma EP, catalogue number C017, on Carbono Music next week, including remixes by HOURS, Janzon and HYSH. Catch Chris Hirose alongside Kollektiv Turmstrasse and Lukas Stern at PLU in Lehmann Club on 07.03.2015. More info on Chris Hirose:

Carbono, House, 0711, Stuttgart, "People Like Us", "Chris Hirose", "Lehmann Club Stuttgart" by Lehmann Podcast