Podcast - Peterson - Hard Resistance #3

TRACK LIST : 1 - OBI - Self preservation 2 - PETERSON - Excuse me 3 - BUCHECHA - this is a power 4 - BUCHECHA - The number of the girl (SVETEC rmx) 5 - SVETEC - Sirens of the sirens 6 - INSTIGATOR Vs Mech. Brothers - Rampage 7 - INSTIGATOR - Sail 8 - XAVIER - Drums from hell 9 - SVETEC - Harlequin 10 - Greg notill - Latency 11 - SLUGOS - Blackwater 12 - XAVIER - Absolute zero 13 - GOLPE - Cheers 14 - INSTIGATOR - Boys and Girls 15 - INSTIGATOR - The others 16 - GOLPE vs GREG NOTILL - Shall we dance 17 - INSTIGATOR - Keep Up 18 - SLUGOS vs GREG NOTILL - Under attack 19 - JAN FLECK - I got spitgire BIO : DJ/Producer Peterson own name Marek Petrus was born in 1993 in Litoměřice in CZ. The interest about TECHNO music occurred in 2008 in the age of 15 years. When he began listen to electronic music he prefer techno, but after attending a few events, he Found his passion for Hardtechno, where he remained until today. In his 16 years, he started play on a variety of computer dj software. In 2010 he bought his first tracks and began training on a mix and cd players with a friend. From the early beginning of 2011 he buying own equipment ,and since this moment he spent all time with practice! In 2011 he shows himself in the club events in CZ. In 2012 he won 2nd place in Dj contest to ply in criminal camp stage at Nature One. than his carrier growin stil more and more quickly! At the end of 2012 he became a member of www.hardtechno.cz (the biggest techno/HT booking agency in CZ ) In 2013 he got the chance to play in a lot of clubs in CZ or at Slovakia. He was also Invited with his friend Golpe to get a tour in South America. The gigs was at Venezuela ( Maracaibo,barquisimeto ) and Colombia (Bogota). When they were back in EU Peterson started to build a new studio house with his friend. He also based a Hardtechno project with 4decks and 2 mixers with his friend Golpe. Called GOLPE & PETERSON They were invited to play at slovakian club : Metro and to many clubs in all Czech republic too. The studio was done in august 2014 and directly when the studio was done he started to produce Hardtechno. At february of 2014 he got the chance to play at biggest indoor festival in east Europe called APOKALYPSA FESTIVAL. Peterson played at CUBBO hard stage! At the end of november he played for the second time at CUBBO hard stage at APOKALYPSA FESTIVAL again! Both parties was huge celebration of 15years of APOKALYPSA! His hard work in Studio brought first feedbacks and benefits for his tracks. His first solo EP called INCEPTION including 4tracks was released on german label called : Massive Madness and his next tracks by other cool Labels! In the summer of 2014 he got some cool bookings for big festivals in Czech Rep. like : Svojšice, Summer Session, The sun festival, and at the biggest and the best DNB festival in a whole world. Called " Let It Roll In 2014 He got some international bookings like : Hungary,Slovakia, Last days of 2014 he did an EP called "Antisteping of voicestar " with bulgarian HT star " NOBODY " . and that EP was released at 13th of February 2015 on Antistar label! Booking : www.hardtechno.cz -------------------------------------------------------- personal contact : peterson@schranz.cz -------------------------------------------------------- FB fan page : www.facebook.com/petersonhardtechno

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