Samyaa Saraceno@MARCH - PODCAST 2015

GOOD LISTEN AND GOOD TRIP----------------------------------------------------------------- Samya Saraceno his podcasts are one of the major infulences that helped desinged the "Dark Raum" concept ,Born in 1980 in Syracuse (Sicily Island, Italy), Samya Saraceno got into music at an early age He began to mix all sorts of records at the age of 12 it was all Hardcore and Techno influences back then 
From 2000, he began playing in various clubs in Sicily and Italy .
Currently, he produces podcasts for various Italian and foreign radio stations such as : 
Cologne podcast (Germany), Radio Italia Network (Italy), Futura Network (Sicily), Husa Sounds (Canada) or Radio Klub,OVERSOUND(CROATIA)

Electronic, Minimal, Techno, djset, podcast, dj, "Tech House", "Minimal Techno", "samya saraceno" by Samya Saraceno