Snooba It becomes infectious 25

Among the rubble, beneath the layers of asphalt, underground somewhere : the caves of our glory that clog, in the meanders. Unless nothing remains… Shit Robot Simple things Shit Robot Tuff Enuff Nile Delta Aztec Pional rmx Golden Teacher Love Rockets Emperor Machine Pop the lid Marvin & Guy I'm a cliché 52 Beans & Co The Go go Craig Bratley rmx Alejandro Paz Duro Executive Slacks The Bus D.A.F brothers Gabi Mix Mugwump & DC Salas Giallo Perez Les vacances Arnaud Rebotini rmx Light Asylum end of days Roland Tings cultural Canal Onazis Exactor Daniel Maloso Shera Tone of Arc Surrender Maestro Mechant Thomass Jackson Bad Chat Golden Teacher Party people Dunwich I'm a cliché 51 Alkalino Revolution FK CW Headman aka Robi Insinna Alkalino & The Sex Bongs Music for the film inside your head Francisco & Cosmo Planeta Bryan Ferry Driving me wild Leftside Wobble dub rmx Iggy Pop Night Clubbbing Monoblok & PSLKTR edit

Electro, Snooba, Techno, IDM, Idm, rock, pop, "Nu Wave", "New Wave", "Death disko" by Snooba