Sound Vessel Records Podcast 008 by Matke

TRACK LIST 1.Doyeq - Road to River (Original Mix) [MOSHItaka] 2.Wet Basement - Visionare (Original Mix) [HDR Limit] 3.Matke - Wet Basement (BDtom Remix) [Happy Days Records] 4.P.Laoss - Dub Class Five (Original Mix) [Entropy Records] 5.David Bovenkerk - Jermain (Original Mix) [Mild Pitch] 6.Andrey Pushkarev - Before The End (Original Mix) [Endless] 7.Processing Vessel - Come With Us (Addex Remix) [Sound Vessel Records] 8.Alexander Saykov - Veto (Original Mix) [Limitation Music] 9.L.G.V - Helvetic Zone (Processing Vessel Remix) [Sound Vessel Records] 10.Avatism - The Slug (Clockwork ( C/W) Remix) [Body Music] 11.Pablo Bolivar - Reflect (Original Mix) [Regular] 12.Tom Middleton - Cicadas (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Lo:Rise] Info : Minitronik aka Matke - One person DJ, Producer and Label Owner (Happy Days Records,HDR Limit) with two sides, dark and light side, Minitronik the dark side of music (Experimetal,Minimal-Dark, Techno,Dub), Matke is the light side of music (Deep,Tech House Music)....On the live set both sides to compose a whole, and this present the audience in the best way... FB FAN PAGE SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM

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