StörFunk - On March 05.03.2015

StörFunk Markus Röpert aka Markus StörFunk SoLide Techno✪/Quatsch Music Events/„white trash h.r. prod./Unity Crew Berlin Oberhausen , Germany Bio:|█║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌║▌║ © WE ALL SPEAK TECHNO™ Markus Röpert aka Markus StörFunk was born in Germany in the years 1985.With 12 years young, he then dropped like about the electronic music found hardcore trance and minimal techno to it in an age of 26 years on the underground techno found.Meanwhile, he has fallen found to banging techno and dark techno what are his favorite Music. When he was 27 years old he has fallen for the first time found the music and hang up 3 months later, was already his first set.After only 5 months he hatter his own style on it and hang up so much to hate on techno music.Favorite music devices Acid Techno,Banging Techno,Dark Techno and Underground Techno Contact:…182567498?ref=hl…3%83%C2%B6rfunk Booking to: Tracklist 01.C-System, Gabeen - Dead Kiss (Original Mix) [Elektrax Recordings] 02.Afonso Maia - Mechanically(Mike Rud & A.Dark Remix)[Plastiq] 03.Fressfeind - Rise of the Fallen (Chronisch Komisch Remix)MASTER 04.Subjected-005.7 (Original Mix) 05.Lukas Freudenberger - The Pacemaker (Original Mix)[Stabil.] 06.Kevin Wesp - Bassgewalt (Diatek Remix) 07.Marika Rossa - Half Life (Luix Spectrum Remix) [Techno] 08.Björn Willing - Diffusion Network (Alex Fader Remix) 09.Hardom – Blackout 10.Alex Fader - Sub (Original Mix) 11.AudioDistraction - Mental Breakdown (Matt Milano & Black Plant Remix) 12.Dan Morgan Kurt - Modular DNA (Original Mix) 13.Max Weit - Galactic Butthair 14.Lukas Freudenberger - Ratpack (Original Mix) [Hardwandler Records]

On, March, 05, 03, 2015, "3 Deck", "136 Bpm" by StörFunk