Undisclosed Location 15 - Drumai

Welcome to the 15th episode of Undisclosed Location Podcast. We have a special guest, Drumai. We hope you enjoy the mix, stay tuned. Next episode, March 29th. Bio: Hundreds of years ago, the ancient Celts gathered for celebration and there was music and dancing. This was their guiding force. The leader of all the musicians and celebration was the drummer, the drums. Drums in Gaelic is Drumai, and as it was hundreds of years ago Drumai is leading the party once again. Drumai (Peter Schmeiser) started with music at a young age of seven, whilst playing the drums he quickly progressed, and moved onto other instruments. Drumai composed his first works at the tender age of 16, for short movie scores. His interests soon peaked into the electronic scene, which essentially led him to producing music and DJing. Look forward to his forthcoming releases on A-Squared Muzik, Paul Anthony’s Chicken Fried, and the debut release on Ekvilibirum Recordings. Drumai has been a part of Subfix records and after his departure, he founded Mad Scientists Productions, together with Giant Child (Colin Cook). The goal for Mad Scientists Productions was to bring quality techno and house to the masses and younger generation. Together Colin and Peter ran the only exclusive techno and house monthly in Iowa City. More recently Mad Scientists have focused more on production and creating a new unique sound to bring to the table. As for his style Drumai is anything but weak. Blending house to dark warehouse techno he adds his own unique edge, pushing the mix darker and darker. His signature sound is defined by custom percussive and bass lines added into each track to refine the sound. There is one thing you can be sure of, it’s going to be DEEP! https://soundcloud.com/drumai https://www.facebook.com/drumaimusic http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/drumai Tracklist coming soon.

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