Coldwater 'Farlington'

We’ve been sat on this EP for a few months and can’t wait to unleash Coldwater’s “Dirty Organs EP”. Following the hugely successful DNA from Kry Wolf, Food Music welcomes producer Matthew Harvey under his new Coldwater moniker. The former DnB don delivers four upfront House and Techno tracks that will undoubtedly shake up clubs across the globe. All tracks on the EP provide a punchy and energetic sound but the varied use of melodies and textures throughout make this an extremely adaptable club release. With tracks like ‘Redblue’ and ‘Falington’ helping set the tone, ‘Dirty Organs’ and ‘Barrow’ deliver the peak time goods. Already gaining huge reactions, this EP is set to be a go-to tool for DJ’s allover.

Coldwater, Techno, House, "Tech House" by Food Music