RAVEFACTION! Podcast #063 - Old Riders

RAVEFACTION! Podcast #063 mixed by Old Riders (Dolma Records, DSR Digital / Budapest) Facebook: facebook.com/oldriderstechno Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/old-riders Bio: Joint formation occurs at the end of the year 2013 (Ray Valentine & Stefano Maxi Beat) figure is made up of two vicious techno. The fanatical techno DJ / producer duo who live in Hungary, the sound you want to bring back the old Underground Masani a little more specific gown. In their music you can also find in the dark and massive hard Industral sound.We teamed up after the formation of the first Begining put together an EP, entitled them to another label which was not, as the Dark Smile Records. It was also the initial successes of the Beatport music Begining Hardcore / Hard Techno Top occupied the 84th place. Based on the ideas of the boys so they can learn to stick to their sound and their music to the next Stronghold entitled Beatport Hardcore / Hard Techno Top 38 occupied space Received a lot of good feedback its good what they do so it made them motivated members of the formation! Next music was the Punishment gives the long-awaited success, Beatport Hardcore / Hard Techno was able to book the Top 6 place which published by Dolma Records The years 2014 and 2014 Best Of Hardcore / Hard Techno - Artists on the basis of 55 finishers in the Beatport Top Tracker survey! www.bptoptracker.com/bestof/2014/ar…e-hard-techno/ Of course, organize actions on / assume once a month in a small club which is nothing but the sounds of the Old Riders The Boys worked with names such as : Grega ,Luix Spectrum,Lorenzo D'Ianni,Tonikatittude,Slave,Joseph Dalik, Joakim A., Tamara T., and so on. First big perfomance at Mute event: A.Paul & Drumcomplex and many more big artist! Next performance at Techno Legends Night Records and Dario Soranoval Ig Noise, Ruiz Sierra, who also Nahal we maintain good friendship! All we want is a festival for thousands of people and put down our signature Ambitions and trying to act in accordance with the trend to keep up! In the beginning of 2015 they open they own publisher under the name of Destructive Collection Records with they good friend Gabros. We are definitely in this year's year! Booking: oldriders666@gmail.com