Hi World ! WE ARE BACK WITH A SECOND WAVE OF PODCASTS & IT STARTS NOW !! FIRST ON OUR LIST FOR THIS 11TH PODCAST IS NONE OTHER THAN TONE OF ARC (N*19, Touch of Class records). Bio: San Francisco producer Derrick Boyd aka Dead Seal, now Tone OF Arc a world wide performing duo/band which includes partner/vocalist Zoe Presnick. They both have been making music for most of their lives, two of those special individuals possessed with a wide range of musical expression. Tone Of Arc brings a glimpse of real musicality to the underground tech house, punk house, and indie house scene, something rarely experienced on the dance floor. They also sing, play guitar, bass, and keys (along with a variety of other random instruments that occupy their studio, which now includes a cello!). This sense of bravado and daring blurs the line between traditional live performance and the microprocessor obsessed futurism. Tone Of Arc's powerful stage presense drawn from old school cats like Iggy Pop, The Clash, and Bowie helps to partially define the originality of their music. Boyd himself describes these new directions in sound as discovering the infinite within the mortal remains and posits that this is the dichotomy of existence. Even the alias Dead Seal is part of his philosophy acting as "a symbol of my past, present, and future lives- reminding me that I am more than just a man." Tone Of Arc, in short means the sound of the laws of creation, a name born from the wonder of the sound that holds all things in the universe together. Facebook page: Soundcloud:

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