TSME138_Bassex vs Skynet_All About Bass Shake

Sound of Green; the 2nd follow up to Sound of red, takes on a very personal and inner dimensional aspect as I dive deeper inside myself but at the core I find the 808 love, driving rhythms, breaks and builds that has always been there. "It's just techno to me" ~ meaning I don’t care what sub-genre people try to slap on it. I try to make the best music I can with the technology I have available at the time. Being hard but smooth, funky and fun as I have a lot a love for all styles and it shows in S.O.G. There are a lot of breakers who have complicated rhythm schemes that have been out over the years and they want to follow a 3-4 minute song trend and that is fine but I have chosen to go with longer songs & the more rhythmic patterns than noise bleeps. But It’s the blend of production elements that make it fit the True Skool label mission of not Old school, not nu Skool.

by djSkynet